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Our clients have a unique opportunity to launch their individual courses as products. We are extending this as an option to broaden the reach of professional development in particular areas of need that we have identified.


Affiliate Program Details

We offer some of the highest residuals in the industry, with recurring revenue as well as single sale revenue. With us you can sell bundled packages, single products or subscription packages.  We operate under the pay-per sale model with a fee of 20%. You retain ownership of your product, we host and distribute. Our super fast payment is scheduled every month via Paypal.


Example 1: You sell 30 courses per month at $99/course: It will earn $1485 for the month. You will take home 1188.00 per month less the affiliate fee for maintenance and hosting 297.00.


The material you produce will be used to train professionals worldwide, meaning increased visibility, a larger audience for your content, and the chance to become part of the elite training fraternity, worldwide!


Another option is to sale products/courses that we develop we also operate under a pay per sale model and payout 20% for any product that we author.